The first part of the program takes place over 16 hours of in class sessions. With a maximum of six students, each class includes lots of visuals, videos, and fun role-play scenarios.

In the second part of the program, the student will learn how to take the route of their choice through one-on-one instruction on the TTC.

PART 1: Classes

  • Lesson 1: Pedestrian Safety
  • Lesson 2: Ride the Bus
  • Lesson 3: Ride the Streetcar
  • Lesson 4: Ride the Subway
  • Lesson 5: Personal Safety
  • Lesson 6: Trip Planning
  • Lesson 7: A Trip from Start to Finish: Part 1
  • Lesson 8: A Trip from Start to Finish: Part 2

PART 2: Route Training

  • The student chooses a TTC route they would like to learn
  • The student and a DiscoverMyRoute instructor take the TTC together to learn the route
  • This process can take up to 25 hours and is conducted one-on-one